Who We Are

My Buddy Care is a pet care startup, that has revolutionized the model of pet care in India and United States. It is a 360-degree mobile application that provides pet care solutions for both existing and new pet owners. 

Founded by Dhruvraj Sata in 2015, My Buddy Care Is a Dedicated Team of Pet Lovers, Based in Austin, Texas

Our Founding Story

It all started off with a small idea from home.

Talking about the key features of the All-in-One Pet App, it offers multiple features from managing pet data in one single place, to contacting the best vets and trainers of town and giving free training sessions to your buddy. My Buddy Care also supports the adoption of pets and street dogs and creates an awareness about pets around the world. Not only does it give you useful information, but also creates a large network of pet parents getting connected together, through the social features of the app like chatting. The app was launched on both the android and iOS store and thus ushered a new era of pet care in the country. As mentioned, the main intention to create the app was based on the challenges faced by the pet parents as well as to create an understanding for pet parents on what are the best methods to take care of their pets. We have tied up with organizations like Amazon, Fitbark, Brinda’s Pet Bakery, and My Pet Shop to provide a wide range of products and services to all our customers, and we look forward to tying up with your brand Zoof Pets too! 

Hello! Meet the Founder

Dhruvraj S. Sata

A junior student studying Business Administration at UT Austin. Born in Mumbai, raised in both the US and India, he is very passionate for animals. He has seven dogs (Snuggles, Cuddles, Coffee, Cookie, Brownie, Oreo, Muffin). Besides animals, he loves filmmaking, cooking and music!

Want to talk to him more? Message him on instagram @dhruvrajsammeersata

Our Team

They All Joined Us!

With bright minds, diverse expertise, and a collaborative, creative, curious spirit, our team readily responds to imminent challenges, while shaping future needs and planning for electrifying the future, together, making pet care easy.

Siddharth Borse

Business Development & Outreach

An Entrepreneur, Influencer, and Athlete. He is the Founder and Director of The Real SidB Live Show. He has also launched his own music album on various music platforms. 

Peter Mai


A student at the University of Texas at Austin passionate about exploring opportunities in technology in order to problem-solve, challenge the limits of possibility, and create change in the world of pet ownership.




Siddhi Gupta


A mom from US that is very passionate about dogs. She is a blogger and an Instagram Influencer.

Check her Instagram out: @scrunch_mummy