Who We Are

My Buddy Care is a Mumbai-based pet care startup, that has revolutionized the model of pet care in India. It is a 360-degree mobile application that provides pet care solutions for both existing and new pet owners.

Founded by Dhruvraj Sata in 2015, My Buddy Care Is a Dedicated Team of Pet Lovers, Based in Mumbai

Our Founding Story

It all started off with a small idea from home.

A page was created on Facebook for the little puppy’s adoption, and surprisingly, before we knew it, the page members were in the thousands and the rescued animals gradually reached hundreds. Eventually, we started getting calls from animals that needed rescuing, and we started putting them up for adoption. The community grew stronger as more and more animal lovers came together to support the cause and more people started opening their hearts and homes to the street animals.

On the 17th of January 2010 World For All Animal Care & Adoptions was formally inaugurated as an animal welfare NGO.

Hello! Meet the Founder

Dhruvraj Sata

A sophomore student studying Business Administration at UT Austin. Born in Mumbai, raised in both the US and India, he is very passionate for animals. He has two dogs, Snuggles & Cuddles. Besides animals, he loves filmmaking, cooking and music! Want to talk to him more? Message him on instagram @dhruvrajsammeersata

Our Team

They All Joined Us!

With bright minds, diverse expertise, and a collaborative, creative, curious spirit, our team readily responds to imminent challenges, while shaping future needs and planning for electrifying the future, together, making pet care easy.

Neel Ramani

Business Development & Outreach

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Peter Mai

Technical Lead

A student at the University of Texas at Austin passionate about exploring opportunities in technology in order to problem-solve, challenge the limits of possibility, and create change in the world of pet ownership.




Siddhi Gupta

Marketing Director

A mom from US that is very passionate about dogs and growing social media.