3, 2, 1… We have liftoff!

Hello, and welcome to MyBuddyCare.com. This first post marks the start of our journey, as we venture into creating a simple and easy experience for every pet parent. We want to help by catering to a pet parent’s every need, and we hope to make it easier than ever to take care of your pet.

It would not be possible to do this alone. Therefore, we need your support, feedback, and criticism. So if you own a pet, we invite you to join us on our journey as we explore this together.


Here are some things we envision would be possible through MyBuddyCare.com. Which ones are your favorites? 

Do you want to chat with other pet parents?

  • Want to organize a play date for your pet? Chat with other pet parents in your area, get to know them, and find a date for your pet.

Do you want to track your pet’s health?

  • By managing your pet’s data, communicating directly with vets, and receiving constant reminders, we can help keep your pet healthy!

Do you need to train your pets?

  • Have poop all over your house? With our in-house training features, learn to train your pet in a step by step instructional manner.

Do you want to engage with the community?

  • Never miss out on the latest pet events, pet magazines, and pet-friendly hotels and restaurants in your area! Explore and Directly Sign Up!


MyBuddyCare.com – Making Pet Care fast, easy and seamless with a touch of your fingers

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